Surrendering on Good Friday

If you are Catholic the season for Lent is very important. It starts on Ash Wednesday (February 22, 2012) and ends on Holy Saturday (April 7, 2012).  Easter Sunday then follows as a big celebration.

Lent is the time to remember Jesus Christ and reflect on his sufferings and the life he gave up for us.

Today is Good Friday, a holy day for Christians.  It is when we remember Jesus’ crucifixion.


When I think of the Lenten season I remember my father and his struggle with cancer. Dad was a great father, but like many people, he loved his worldly vices. For many years he did not pray, but during his battle with cancer he suddenly found his way back to God.


I remember clearly Good Friday of 2008.  We were about to visit relatives who were celebrating by their lakeside home.  Before our journey my Dad suddenly took a step back (not in the literal sense because he was in a wheel chair by this time) and proclaimed, “I surrender…”

He never explained what that meant to him, but after that moment he seemed to accept his fate that cancer was going to take his life sooner than later.  He no longer ran after every cure.  He also filled the last days left with so much activities, like visiting family and friends, versus just lying in a hospital bed and feeling sorry for himself.

The moment Dad said, “I surrender”, he seemed to make a pact to himself to really live the last moments of his life with happiness and joy.

Happy Good Friday!  I hope you have a wonderful day!


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