HAPPY EASTER and Easter Surprises

Today is Easter.  Happy Easter!

For Christians it is a time for hope, faith and happiness because it signifies the day that Jesus came back from the dead and “saved” us.

It is also a special day for children as the mythical Easter bunny visits and brings the kids surprises and candies.

This morning the Easter Bunny left us a surprise of candy, toys and flowers at our front door.  Typically parents are the ones who plot the surprises, but we were just as shocked as the kids when we opened the front door since we had nothing to do with the presents.  We are not sure who left us the gifts, but it brought us so much joy and happiness.


We have a feeling it might be our neighbor who, through a random act of kindness, moves our newspaper every morning

After finding our Easter surprises we proceeded with an Italian style Easter breakfast.


We then had a traditional Easter egg hunt in our backyard.


Easter is not over yet so the fun is sure to continue till we go to bed.

Thank you for letting me share and I hope you all are having a Happy Easter!


2 responses to “HAPPY EASTER and Easter Surprises

  1. loved this one…what a delightful easter you had!

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