Sleepless Nights Dreaming of Italy

For a change my kids are not the cause of my sleepless nights.  In fact they have been very good about their nighttime and morning routines.

My lack of sleep started on March 31, 2012 when we decided that we would go to Italy for our annual summer vacation


It has been over 4 years since our last European vacation so Michael and I are so excited about our break for this year.

Massimo was under a year old….


…and Rocco has only been as far as Canada so this trip will be a milestone for both.canada1canada2We are looking forward to seeing family, like Michael’s Zio Geo (Uncle Geo) in Italy.


Right now we have our flights purchased and our housing covered.  For the first part of our trip we rented an apartment in the ancient hill town of Assisi, Italy.


Assisi is where Michael’s Mom grew up and where Saint Francis found God and inspired many.

For the 2nd part of our trip we are staying in an agriturismo that has olive groves in the hills of Assisi, Italy.  Agriturismo’s are farms that are also bed and breakfast establishment.


The last few days of our vacation we will be going to stay in the outskirts of Rome, Italy so we can visit some sites like the Vatican, the catacombs and the Colosseum.

Our vacation is still in August, but I am counting the days till we leave.  It is so hard not to get distracted and excited all at once!  My nights have been restless because I keep on imagining the fun vacation that is instore for us.

Where are you going for your summer vacation?  Are you waiting in anticipation too?

Thank you for letting me share and have a wonderful day!


12 responses to “Sleepless Nights Dreaming of Italy

  1. My boys were little when we visited Rome. Running through the Coliseum was definitely the highlight of the trip for them!

    • Lisha, I am so excited for my boys to do this. Your kids are so lucky! Also, my mother-in-law speaks in Italian to them so I a want to see if they can learn to really talk!


  2. This sounds wonderful! I’ve been to Italy twice and fell in love with it. I would be having sleepless nights too. I think planning for a trip is half the fun. The photos of the places you’ll stay look fantastic.

  3. I am so excited for you! How did you plan so quickly and find such nice places to stay?

    • Hi Dawn,

      Once we made the decision that we would go to Italy it went from there. August is a really busy time in Italy as everyone is on vacation so we knew that once we found places with availabilities we needed to book right away.

      Where are you guys going this year for vacation?


  4. Hi Louise,

    That is WONDERFUL that you planned a trip to ITALY!! WOW, what a beautiful vacation that will be.

    My husband and I are planning a trip as well..hopefully in end of June to Argentina (my native country)!! 🙂 can’t wait as well.(Have been feeling better, still in treatment, but much better).

    Sending you hugs your way.


    • Hi Romina! I am so glad you are feeling better. We are so excited about Italy and our vacation.

      As for Argentina, I am so jealous! That is one of the places I would love to visit some day. I have a good friend whose husband is from Buenos Aires. I hear such great things.


  5. Louise, I would be sleepless also. Sounds like a really fun family vacation. Can’t wait to get back to Europe. Enjoy~~~

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