Visiting the Big Apple, New York City, with My Sister Apple

(Note: I am still trying to figure out what direction to take my blog.  I feel like for over 9 months I blogged daily.  It was like creating a baby, and now I want to see what the next chapter will be.

Please feel free and look around my blog.  Make yourself at home because “mi casa, su casa”!

Below I have reprinted a blog post from my sister Angela Lopez (aka Apple Lopez) blog at

An Afternoon in Alphabet City NYC (by Apple Lopez)

My original plan was to take my sister to Manhattan, lunch at Gramercy Tavern (I wanted to dine at restaurants that I went to when I was a student in the city in the 90’s), visit shops that they do not have in San Diego…namely Uniqlo & Isabel Marant & Mariebelle Fine Chocolates) then have a glass of wine at more nostalgia 90’s restaurants Il Tre Merli or Lucky Strikewith friends. If I was lucky, I was hoping to find a sample sale.

Plans changed and my brother in law, Michael, and nephews Massimo (age 5) and Rocco (age 2) joined us. We ate at the park and wandered around the East Village and Alphabet City. A totally different experience from the original shopping trip, but even more fun since the boys were just beaming with excitement.

Photo Jun 18, 9 17 02 AM

Michael discovered Sunny and Annie’s on Yelp. Located in a nondescript building, it is a no frills convenience store/deli with interesting sandwich creations. I enjoyed the Pho sandwich ($7.99) which uses generous portions of roast beef (not Vietnamese cold cuts), basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, hoisin sauce, and sriracha.



Pho Sandwich

The boys then had a classic NY cheese pizza which the pizza guy smartly cut into kid size bites.



A glimpse of Katz Deli– I love their fries

I may have missed the clothing stores, but we made it to Mariebelle which was the most important store for me since online shipping for a hot chocolate powder is $30. Mariebelle has the richest thickest most decadent hot chocolate similar to Starbuck’s now defunct “drinkable dessert” Chantico(which I wish they would bring back).



I have the best brother in law, who is totally game. On the drive home, we were talking about our favorite cheesecake, Junior’sin Brooklyn and how we like it better than the branch in Grand Central station. He immediately drove to Brooklyn. I love that the cakes are dense and slightly sour. A pleasant surprise, their rugelach is light and delicious.

Cheesecake and rugelach…what a great way to end our daytrip.


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