Kids Say the Funniest Things

Happy Sunday!  It’s been awhile since I visited the blogosphere.  I thought it was time to break my silence and share again.

Massimo, my 5-year-old and Rocco my 2-year-old were playing while also trying to get my attention.

Massimo spread his arms and legs wide and said, “Look mom, I am a star!”  I smiled at him because he did look like a star with his big wide smile.


Massimo’s shadow is Rocco and he loves to copy cat his big brother.  Rocco  spread his arms wide and said, “Look mom, I’m Jesus!”


Typically, it’s not quite kosher to say you are Jesus, but I couldn’t help laughing because with Rocco’s arms spread wide he did look a bit like he was on the cross. 

I guess our weekly church visits are sinking in some ways!

Kids say the funniest things.

Have a great day!


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