Tourist in Our Own Backyard – The Hamden Water Company Property Park


Hamden, Connecticut is known as the land of the Sleeping Giant.  Within Hamden, on Whitney Avenue, you will see a very modern building that seems to pop out of the landscape.

At first glance it looks like an alien ship or a futuristic bomb shelter.  It could also be mistaken for a modern art museum.

This spectacular building and property is the water company’s water treatment plant.  It was designed by famed architect Steven Holl.

Recently, my father-in-law Tom Sincavage, a local New Haven County architect, mentioned that the land around the building houses a free park that has bridges, walkways, benches and water features.


I was amazed when I visited the park as it has a very Zen like feel.  The paths are short and they sometimes diverge into other paths or they go on their own.  The vegetation is lush and it feels like it was made as a meditation garden.

The water company property is situated in a suburban neighborhood adjacent to New Haven, but the landscaping allows you to get lost and you almost feel like you are in a far away setting like the Alps.


This will definitely be a favorite spot for me during future walks with my family.  If you are in the Hamden, Connecticut area this is a definite must see!

Have a great day!


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