Remembering Our Summer Italian Vacation

Over the summer we spent 2-1/2 amazing weeks in Italy.  We mainly stayed in the region of Umbria.

We rented an apartment in the medieval hill town of Assisi.  It overlooked notable sites like the Church of San Rufino.  We would swim in the pool of our private roof top garden, picnic and eat outdoors,


….while listening to the beautiful sounds of church bells ringing, the soundtrack of our vacation.

During our vacation we stayed at an apartment with it’s own private roof top pool and garden. The beautiful sounds of Assisi, like church bells ringing, was the soundtrack of our vacation.

It’s funny because even if we visited all the major Italian tourist sites, like the Forum and Coliseum of Rome to the different Churches in Assisi, my favorite moments were the ones when we were doing untouristy things like, getting our wedding vows renewed in a tiny medieval church,


or pretending that zombies were following us through the medieval streets.


When you enjoy a vacation and a place in particular, it is like savoring a wonderful bite of food.  When I close my eyes I can still picture us walking the ancient streets and discovering Italy and our family.


Thanks for visiting! Ciao!

(In a future post watch out for our encounters with zombies and monsters in Italy….to be continued….)


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