Tourist in Our Own Backyard – The Yale Art Gallery

It’s been a couple of months since I visited The Yale Universty Art Gallery. They have been doing massive renovations in a new building and restructuring of their exhibits.

Through the grapevine I heard that the new and improved gallery would exhibit 80% of their collection versus the 10% they originally exhibited.

The relaunching of the entire museum is due to happen in December 2012.

In the mean time they are welcoming visitors to preview some of the new and expanded sections like the modern art section, Italian and old master section, ancient art section to name a few.

Today I previewed some of the newer exhibits. My almost 3-year-old Rocco loves modern aren’t so he was in awe at the additional space, paintings and sculptures.

I was amazed at the newly renovated building and exhibits. I kept on telling myself how lucky we are in New Haven that we have something so rich in culture that is free.




Places like the Yale Universty Art gallery reaffirms why I love living in New Haven County!

If you are ever in the area I would suggest a visit.


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