Massimo is the Student of the Week


Today I would like to congratulate Massimo, age 5, for being the student of the week in his kindergarten class.

From day 1 Massimo wanted to become the student of the week. He followed the class rules and he continually said that his teacher told him to “just try your best”.


It is so rewarding, as a parent, to see your child enjoy their school and learning.

I tried to take a picture of Massimo when he told me of his kindergarten accolades. He was jumping with so much joy that my camera could not capture his image correctly.



Congratulation Massimo! We are so proud of you!

(For those thinking of moving to New Haven County, check out the schools in Hamden, Connecticut. They are amazing!

Hamden was also voted #55 in CNNs best US cities to live in!)


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