Italian Black Truffle Pasta Found at Skappo Merkato

One of my weaknesses is pasta al dente. To make good pasta you need the simplest ingredients like salt, pepper cheese, olive oil and a little butter.

What is essential in the mix though is a high quality pasta noodle. My husband Michael likes making his own noodles from scratch, but if he doesn’t have the time we look through the racks of Skappo Merkato.

Not only does Skappo Merkato make amazing hand crafted sandwiches like a slow cooked pulled pork, but they sell some unique goods on their shelves like Italian Truffle Pasta.

This truffle pasta is a tagliatelle with black earthy truffles in it. Truffle lovers will be happy that this pasta is not just infused with truffle flavor, but it actually has truffle pieces found throughout.

I suggest that you cook the noodles in salty water until al dente. When the pasta is cooked toss in some butter, virgin olive oil and a generous amount of parmagiano reggiano cheese. This simple dish is often called “Pasta Tartufo Nero” (black truffle pasta).

This pasta dish is so delicious, rustic and crave worthy! (I have to add a picture in the future. I was inspired to write this post after I ate all my truffle pasta!)

Have a great day!

Skappo Merkato is located at 51 Orange Street, New Haven, CT. You can reach them at 203-773-1600 or They cater too! 

Skappo Merkato is a true New Haven original!




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