New England Brewing Company–New Haven County Beer

Did you ever watch Kevin Costner’s 1989 movie “Field of Dreams?”  There was a famous line that said, “If you build it they will come…”

That is how I feel about breweries in general.  Beer lovers will find their way to you if you make good beer.  It does not matter where you are located.

We are so lucky in New Haven County.  If you seek good beer, it is very accessible and easy to find.

In our household we are beer lovers.  My husband Michael and I not only drink it, but he is a home brewer that kegs his own beer.


The New England Brewing Company is a must see if you are in New Haven.  It can be found in the affluent suburbs of Woodbridge.  The inconspicuous location is what adds to the mystique.  The tasting room is behind anonymous buildings near the local grocery store.  If you are not looking for it you will miss it. (7 Selden St, Woodbridge, CT 06525)


At the front door of the New England Brewery you will be greeted by their trusty black Labrador.   Don’t worry folks, he is a people friendly dog.


The tasting room has a very casual setting.  It is literally located in a small corner of the beer making warehouse. 


There are a few beers on taps that you are allowed to try for free if you are buying a $10 growler of fresh beer.  The beer we tried was the Sea Hag.  It had a very rich and hoppy flavor.  It reminded me of a strong German or Belgian style lager.

Regular tastings are a few dollars (I need to get the price) and I have been told that The New England Brewery is quite liberal with their pours.   This is in my list of to-dos when I am on a date with Michael, and do not have the kids.


Although, our kids enjoyed the activity in the actual factory section where they were cleaning bottles, brewing beer, bottling and sending out beer for shipment.  It was quite educational for them, especially since they will one day learn how to make their own beer when they turn 21-years-old!


If you are in New Haven County I highly recommend a visit to The New England Brewing Company!

(If you want to see how Michael’s beer journey began click on this link!)


3 responses to “New England Brewing Company–New Haven County Beer

  1. Generous pours, good beer, and a cute black lab? I love this place already!

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