Kids and the Paparazzi Parent

When I was growing up digital photography did not exist.  Pictures were sparingly taken because one needed hard film for regular cameras and video cassettes for video cameras.

My childhood consists of a couple of photo albums, a few painted portraits and videos that have been lost along the way.  If I can find 100 photographs of when I was a kid I will be lucky.

I remember when only the Japanese were known and mocked for taking pictures all the time.  A 1980s band called “The Vapors” had an acclaimed song called “Turning Japanese”, which featured extreme photo taking.

Turning Japanese by the Vapors

Today, the act of picture taking has taken a whole new level.  I often find myself guilty of stalking my kids like the celebrity paparazzi.  I have my regular camera, video camera and smart phone ready at all times. 

I am constantly trying to document their life because I know that childhood is so short.  I also want them to have more pictures then I did growing up.

Currently, we have a  multitude of albums and discs featuring Massimo and Rocco’s short existence.  I believe that they have reached the point of wanting me to stop the videoing and picture taking….

Rocco does not want anymore pictures!

Have a great day! (P.S.  I am sure I am not the only person who has a picture taking addiction!)


2 responses to “Kids and the Paparazzi Parent

  1. So funny! L and I have watched it five times already.

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