Traveling to Poland Via New Britain, Connecticut

Many people assume that my husband is pure Italian American since he owns Skappo and Merkato , two New Haven Connecticut food establishments.

In his veins and my kids, there is also Polish blood. Michael’s father’s Dad is pure Polish. Grandpa’s grandfather was rumored to be a wealthy landed nobleman who hunted with the Hapsburg royalty of Austria. He would visit the USA often when he sold parts of his land.

Family folklore says that during one of his planned US visits, his 2nd wife decided that she and the 6 children would not be left alone in Poland. She and the family reached Connecticut in the early 1900s.

What they thought would be a short leisurely vacation spot became their permanent home because Grandpa’s Grandfather left them in Connecticut while he returned to Poland. The newly Americanized Sincavage family never saw him again.

What they were left with in the end was a Polish land deed showing foreign land that they may be able to claim if any Sincavages found their way back home to Poland.

Fast forward to the present. Since Michael has Polish roots we love discovering Polish eateries. Recently we visited New Britain, Connecticut because there is a section of the town that transports you to Poland.

When you are in the Polish section you will find Polish stores, restaurants, churches, coffee shops, to name a few.

20121025-080117.jpgAdvertisements on walls are written in Polish, and when you hear the voices around often English is not being spoken.

Today we visited Staropolska Restaurant, located at 252 Broad St, New Britain, CT.


If you are in the mood for authentic Polish food, you do not have to fly to Poland. Less than an hour drive from New Haven, you will find all things Polish. They have typical signature Polish dishes like stuffed cabbage, potato pancakes, goulash, and pierogis. Below are some pictures of our delicious food. (Please excuse my bad food pictures. We started eating the delectable dishes before I got to snap some shots!)


Of course, a Polish meal is not complete without Polish beer. I suggest ordering Tyskie beer as it is a refreshing lager that pairs well with the food.


A few doors from Staropolska you will see Polmart market. Not only is it extremely clean but you will find every Polish thing you can imagine from candies to meats. We bought kielbasa sausages that are smoked to perfection.




After our Polish escapade we proceeded to the amazing New Britain art gallery. That is a story for another day!

Have a wonderful international day!


2 responses to “Traveling to Poland Via New Britain, Connecticut

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s nice to know America still has some neighborhoods celebrating their international heritage.

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