Frankenstorm is Knocking on Our Door

History is repeating itself…A storm is brewing and coming to Connecticut.  Almost a year ago, on October 30, 2011, we were bracing ourselves for a Nor’easter.  When it hit we were left with a lot of fallen foliage, branches, and fun snow for the kids.



Many people outside of the East Coast are unfamiliar with the Nor’easter term.  It basically is a very bad storm like a hurricane, and tropical storm where snow may occur.

This year’s storm has been named “Frankenstorm” in lieu of Halloween and bad weather.

Many people take Nor’easters very seriously.  In the last couple of days supermarkets have run out of candles, batteries, water and some canned goods.  A couple of gas stations have run out of gas.

Power outages are expected so I sent my husband out for our storm essentials.  This is what Michael brought me….


I am sure you agree that my significant other is a keeper!


I hope that everyone who is in the eye of the storm keeps safe and warm.

Have a great day!


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