A Farewell to Grandpa

Yesterday Michael’s 89-year-old Grandpa died peacefully.

Even with his rising age, we were surprised that Grandpa’s earthly life was over as he faced death earlier in the year and it passed him!

On January 2012 Grandpa was in the brink of death. A priest came and gave him the final prayers that prepares one for death.

Miraculously Grandpa lived and he was given 10 months more.

In our family we do not believe that death is final as each of us has a soul.

When one dies their physical body is left behind and their soul will eventually reach heaven.

Filipinos believe that a soul has 40 days to roam our physical plane before they journey to heaven.

Often, during the 40 days family members and friends are “visited” by their dearly departed. Visits can come in the form of a ghost or signs.

I feel my sign came yesterday while I was retrieving an almost empty plastic container in my basement.

In the container I found souvenir viewers from the 1980s.

When I peeked in the viewer I saw Grandpa with his one true love Grandma.


I got goose bumps because I didn’t realize that we had these viewers. Also, the next day Rocco, my 3-year-old, who has never met Grandma said, “I want to visit Grandma who is with Grandpa.”

Rest in peace Grandpa! We love you!


2 responses to “A Farewell to Grandpa

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Please pass my condolences to Michael. Keep your eyes out for white butterflies!

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