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I am an aspiring illustrator and writer. This will be published works that includes self published books.

Buy A Christmas Ebook by Me for $0.99 at Amazon

I believe in dreaming and pursuing one’s dreams. I am an aspiring writer and illustrator.

I hope to one day fill this page with books, articles and illustrations that I have published.

Last year I self-published a book called, “Christmas without Chimneys as Told by Ted the Elf Who Can’t Keep Secrects”. It is exclusively being sold at

Please check it out and support an aspiring writer!



My First EBook–“Christmas without Chimneys as Told by Ted the Elf Who Can’t Keep Secrets”

One day till Christmas!  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Guess who wrote a book?  I will give you one clue…me. 

10 Days ago I was inspired by my son Massimo’s innocent question, “Mom, if we don’t have a Chimney how will Santa visit us?”

Massimo was very serious and worried that Santa would not be able to stop by our house since he could not get in via his usual way, the Chimney.

The wheels in my mind started to turn and toil.  After days and nights of editing and illustrating I finally finished the book.

It is exclusively being sold at for $0.99.  For under a Dollar you will be entertained and told about Santa’s deepest secrets. (Or you will be granting my Christmas wish of selling at least one copy!)

Your tour guide will be Ted, the Elf Who Can’t Keep Secrets.


I am hoping that this will be the first of many more books.  I am currently working on a longer novel that has nothing to do with Santa or Elves.

I hope you join me in this journey!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

(Click this link to visit and purchase “Christmas without Chimneys as Told by Ted the Elf Who Can’t Keep Secrets”.)

(UPDATE: Even if you do not have a Kindle Reader you can purchase the book.  Amazon has free app readers that you can put on your computer, Ipads or smart phones.)