Contact & Your Happy News

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Happiness is contagious.  I really believe that when you hear good positive stories it will make you feel better.

Please share anything that has made you happy lately.  It could be as simple as “getting to work on time” to “hearing from your Mom” to “Winning the Lottery”.  You can just leave one word, sentence, to a couple of paragraphs.

Send me your links or videos that make you happy.  It is time to pass on the good news so others can benefit from your happiness.

I would love to hear your comments, suggestions and ideas!  If you have an interesting happy messages please pass it on.

You can reach me at or leave a comment on this page!




11 responses to “Contact & Your Happy News

  1. Today was a happy because we got to spend it as a family on the beach.

  2. Our house was refinanced! I am so psyched!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! That is such happy news!

  4. Im happy because my sister-in-law started this blog 🙂

  5. Today was awesome because the kids, my husband and I all were able to take naps…ah siestas!

  6. I am happy for my brother-in-law’s NYC bachelor party! Have fun!

  7. I am thankful today for my family.

  8. I am happy that Abelle C. is my Mom’s friend and mine. Thank you for all your help Abelle!

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