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Reupholstering an Antique Chair

In the last couple of months I have been a stranger to blogging. I have retreated in to my own private world.

During my absence I have begun to fix our home with do it yourself projects.

My latest creation was completed recently. I reupholstered an American antique chair from the early 1900s. I repurposed hand woven ikat fabricate from the Philippines.

I then made an ottoman/step stool to match my newly created “masterpiece”.





In the next post I will show how my husband and I transformed one of our home’s vintage 1950’s bathroom to a cool and modern space.

A neat and uncluttered home makes our family happy! Till next time…


For Sale: A Colorful House in Connecticut


My husband Michael and I have always loved homes with a lot of color.  The outside of our house is modest and plain, but upon entering our home you will see colors from the rainbow. 

For many people color is something they run away from, and a home painted with too much color is a designer’s nightmare.  Michael and I have always embraced and found comfort in colors.





Now that we have put our home on the market we are in such a crossroads.  Should we take the extra step and color the walls to make it appeal to the mass public, or should we enjoy the last moments in our home with the colors we love?

Also, fixing our house up for public viewing has allowed us to take a step back and appreciate our home all over again. 

Are we truly ready to let our happy home go?   We love new beginnings so if we get a good offer then it will be our sign to move on.

 Only time will tell….

Have a wonderful day!

Vintage Estate Sale Find of the Week–Professionally Framed Original Chinese Watercolor Painting


I love vintage, estate and thrift shopping. On a weekly basis I would like to feature my favorite “find” of the week.

In a previous blog I mentioned my life as a treasure hunter. I crave for my vintage fixes.

This week I am presenting an original professionally framed Chinese watercolor painting.  It is quite a large piece and measures 54 x 27 inches.

I love the use of monochromatic colors and the beautiful curves.  I am not sure what the value of the painting is or who painted it.  I still need to get it appraised by an expert on Chinese art.  I know that with Chinese art the signature and symbols are the key.


This was another piece that I purchased to sell online, but once again I fell in love with the artwork and I have decided to keep it.  Pretty soon all my walls will be covered with my “treasures” and I will have no choice, but to move to a new house or sell my vintage finds!

I really believe that if you know what you are looking for you can make someone’s trash into treasure! I feel like that about life too…you can make a challenge into a blessing…it’s all perspective.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness!