Baci Means Kiss in Italian, it is a Chocolate with a Fortune Love Note and it Brings Back Fond Memories

Baci means kiss in Italian.  A kiss makes me very happy.

Baci is also the name of an iconic Italian chocolate and it is the Italian version of an edible kiss.

One of my favorite chocolates is Perugina’s Baci chocolate.  It is a dark chocolate covered truffle of chocolate hazelnut paste, chopped hazelnut, and a whole hazelnut on the top middle.  It is very craveable with it’s rich creamy yet nutty texture.

Baci means kiss in Italian.


The inside of a delcious Baci.

Along with every chocolate you will find a “Fortune Love Note” written in different languages like English, Italian, French, Greek and more .   The note is typically a proverb, a quote or a random thought.  The Baci chocolate is Italy’s answer to a Fortune Cookie.

Baci with the love note fortune.

The longer the cord the higher the kite flies. (French Proverb)

To love is to make a choice and a kiss is the seal upon. (anonymous)

Today Baci is accessible worldwide but, when I was a kid growing up in the Philippines Baci chocolates were a rarity.  The only way you could get the tasty bite was if you were going to Europe or if you had family visiting from overseas.

My clearest Baci food memory was when a visiting friend from Austria came with a box of Baci.  My sister and I were brought up to share, but we fought, pulled hair and battled for the chocolate.  Once we struck our claim we hoarded the little bites of joy.

My husband Michael has a Baci love story.   When his parents first met in Assisi, Italy they had one Baci chocolate each.  They opened the chocolate and read their love note fortune.  Coincidentally they had the same exact note and now they have been married for over 35 years!  (I asked them what the fortune was, but they could not remember it!)

Happiness is being able to enjoy the simple things in life like a yummy piece of chocolate.  I hope you have a great day today!


5 responses to “Baci Means Kiss in Italian, it is a Chocolate with a Fortune Love Note and it Brings Back Fond Memories

  1. On your NEXT trip to New Orleans, visit Brocato’s, an Italian ice cream and dessert shop. They have Baci ice cream. It’s heaven in a cone.

    • You have my mouth watering! I am DYING to go to New Orleans. We still talk about our honeymoon there so many eons ago. We just have to wait till Rocco is tamed a little (meaning no screaming on planes) and we want to go back.

      My sister-in-law was there just a month ago and had such a great time.

      You live in such an awesome city!


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  3. I love Baci candies. When I spent a semester in Rome in college we would get them regularly. Brought them home for my family and my friends at the end of the semester. Have seen them at a few shops over the years. The other one that was a hit with us was Toblerone. Both yummy

    • Kate, you have such an interesting background. Do you speak Italian? I am learning SLOWLY. My mother-in-law is from Assisi so she speaks to my kids in Italian only. They understand pretty well.

      I love Toblerone!

      thanks for visitng.


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