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How I Got the Thrift Shopping Bug and the Thrift Shop Find of the Week, the Ikea Egg Chair

When I was younger I was lucky enough to have parents who indulged my shopping needs.  I remember when I was in school in the Philippines, summer vacation trips to places like Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and Europe would be centered on eating, touring and shopping.  We would travel with empty suit cases because we knew that when we got back home they would be filled with our summer shopping purchases.  I believe that because I shopped a lot for new items in my younger days I got it out of my system.

I am not a big shopper in the non-thrift shopping world.  I rarely go to the malls, boutiques or large department stores.   When I shop for new items I only shop out of necessity.

At this stage of my life, to the relief of my husband, I prefer frequenting thrift stores, junk shops, vintage stores, garage/tag sales, estate sales to name a few, instead of shops that sell new things.

 I still remember in my younger days venturing of to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to visit a by the pound used clothes warehouse called Domseys.  Williamsburg and Brooklyn were not the trendy, gentrified place it is today.  Domseys older location by the water, which today has been converted into apartments, was a little scary and slightly dangerous.  I didn’t care because Domseys had great merchandise, and in New York they were one of the few places selling items by the pound. 

At that time thrift shopping was not main stream at all and people use to do it incognito.  I wish I had pictures of the old Domseys and my thrift shopping adventures, but during the early 1990s people didn’t really carry cameras around and constantly take pictures.

There is a saying in the vintage thrift shopping world that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  As I mentioned in a previous post, I love the hunt of shopping for used items.

This weeks thrift shop find of the week is the Ikea Lomsk Egg Chair.  I found the chair brand new in one of my favorite stores.  I have a feeling the previous owner was too lazy to assemble it after realizing there were missing parts, the nut and bolt needed to screw the main body to the base.

The Egg Chair with the missing piece.

After an enjoyable visit to Ikea I went to the returns/service department and explained that I was missing the connecting nut and bolt.  Ikea said no problem and they gave me the needed parts for free.  Thank you Ikea!

My kids, especially Massimo, had been coveting this chair for years.  Today we were lucky enough to find it for a whopping price of $2.99.  The boys are loving their egg chair and having such happy fun spinning around and hiding!

Have a great day!  I hope you find your diamond in the rough like we did!